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Public Speaking

Public speaking skills are of utmost importance for a career in the business or political world. They are abilities expected of anyone in a position of leadership, or of one who holds a management position within a private or a public company and in politics. We admire all those who can stand in front of a crowd and speak with confidence to inform participants, to inspire action and to persuade them to agree with his/her point of view.

In this challenging environment, we see that, more than ever, the world seeks out motivational communicators and leaders who are able to make us dream of the ideal future, to see the invisible and to achieve extraordinary things.

What is holding you back from acquiring these sought after skills? Through our training and by following our insightful tips, you will pass from fear of failure to self-control and success as a public speaker.

To help you to become one of the best public speakers, here are the highlights of our workshop topics where you will gain more in depth knowledge on how to:

  1. Be aware of questions to ask before accepting the invitation to speak
  2. Analyze the audience and be attentive to the attitudes of today?s audiences
  3. Write the content of your speech in your own words
  4. Deliver your speech with effective style, voice, and body language
  5. Overcome stage fright and improve your confidence while presenting
  6. Introduce a speaker, or present or accept an award
  7. Recognize the value of the time limit given to you to speak
  8. Handle the questions and answers period
  9. Effectively use equipment such as a lectern, a podium, and a microphone.

We provide training sessions for individuals and small groups of six participants from the general public, organizations, and employees. This group size will allow us to spend quality time with each member and to address their personal goals and unique needs.

We would be most pleased to work with you. If you have any questions about this workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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