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Management of cultural diversity in workplace

The context in which we do business is changing quickly because, of globalisation of the economy and culture, regionalization of the production units, extension of the new markets, competition on a world level, progress of the technology, etc. These forces push organizations either to adapt to these new realities or to risk failure. In this changing environment, the leaders of tomorrow will be those who will be able to attract, recruit, integrate, retain and motive qualified employees and those from diverse origins.

Our training focuses on developing competencies to manage cultural diversity in the workplace. For example, we highlight:

  • Intercultural communication among business partners from Asia, the Americas, Africa, Europe and Oceania.
  • Candidate recruitment processes.
  • Selection of candidates.
  • Candidate interviews.
  • Integration of new employees into the organization.

In the hospital environment, for instance, we examine various cultural norms, mores, and customs concerning food, visits, births, spiritual beliefs, the process of death and mourning, and the use of interpreters.


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