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Business plan

In Canada, approximately 300,000 new businesses are created each year. These business builders are, in general, admired, impersonated and considered models of society. Unfortunately, the small business enterprise specialists emphasize that approximately 19 out of 20 enterprises close their doors before their first 10 years of existence. In the United States, the Bureau of Small Business Administration mentions that 55% of new businesses fail each year. With these statistics, we should not forget that 90% of these business builders lack knowledge in management skills. As you can see, these statistics are not very reassuring and we don?t want new entrepreneurs to become part of this loosing battle.

Are you looking to create a new business or looking to expand? Okana-Solutions Marketing will help you develop your business plan. We will not only help you start your own enterprise, but will also help you plan for the future. In developing a successful business plan, we will introduce tools you will need to increase your revenue, identify your expenses and maximize your profits for a sound growth projection. We will give a detailed account of your products/services and help you establish a sound clientele, a market for your products and help you evaluate the competition. We will complete our service to your company by evaluating the benefits of your complete operation and assist you in establishing financial support when funding is required.

Hard work will keep your compagny profitable. It will be a pleasure for Okana-Solutions Marketing to work with you, because your success is ultimately our success.


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