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Clientele satisfaction

Okana-Solutions Marketing offers you the opportunity to evaluate your client's degree of satisfaction. The client's level of satisfaction will help you acknowledge what you have done right and wrong. It will also give you the opportunity to identify what criteria your clients consider in making decisions whether to buy or not to buy a product or service from your company. It will also tell you which supplier your client compares your firm against, and other vital information such their income, their intention to stay with your company, age, sex and so forth.

Feedback is also an opportunity for the manager to answer certain questions:

- What are the client's requirements?
- Are there expectations met and do we surpass them?
- What quality improvement must we realize?
- What are the future needs of our clients?
- What can we do to keep our customers faithful?

A satisfied client will stay with your firm as long as their needs and expectations are met. What is the cost of a lost client? And what will the client contribute if he/she remains with your firm?

Okana-Solutions Marketing is ready to work with you to identify the real cause of desertion and build a retention program of potential and profitable clients for your firm.


Increasing profits for your firm remains the unique reason why you retain your clients. Studies equally prove that it cost 5 times less to keep clients then to find new ones.


Kotler and Dubois define a profitable client as being an individual, a venture or an enterprise that contributes more in years to come then it cost to lure, convince and satisfy the client to become a faithful and loyal customer.

And Jean-Francois Boss supports this theory in this manner:

Profits tied to the clients = long term profits on the purchase of a faithful client
+ positive word of mouth
+ possible legal economic cost
- cost of correcting complaints

Until a retention program is established, Okana-Solutions Marketing will work with you to identify the needs of your clients. Contact us today.


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